Advertisement for the post of Accountant and Steno C  

List of Hatcheries which have imported SPF L vannamei Brooodstock during last five months(January to May 2015) 

Seminar Inaugurated by the director  

Invited lecture delivered by the director  

Public Notice for Suppliers of SPF brood stock of L. vannamei dated 21st March 2015 

Corrigendum for hiring of commercial vehicles 

Additional Instructions for Tenderers for Software Development and Allied works for On-line registration of Applications for CAA 

Notice inviting tender for Hiring of Manpower on contract basis of this Authority 

Notice Inviting Tender for hiring of Commercial Vehicles 

Corrigendum for inviting tenders for software development and allied works for online registration of Coastal Aquaculture Authority 

Change of Address of Coastal Aquaculture Authority

Public Notice for Suppliers of SPF brood stock of L. vannamei dated 16th March 2015

Public Notice for Shrimp Farmers dated 12th March 2015

Notice inviting tenders for software development and allied works for online registration of Coastal Aquaculture Authority 

Appointment of Director for Coastal Aquaculture Authority. 

Notice Inviting Tender for provision of electrical wiring, Network,Biometric attendance system & Shifting of Air Conditioners,etc of Coastal Aquaculture Authority. 

Advertisement for the post of Accountant,Senior Clerk and Steno C  

Attention for Importers of SPF Shrimp Brood stock of L. vannamei  

Results Framework Document for CAA  

All donations towards the Prime ministers National Relief Fund(PMNRF) are notified for 100% deduction from taxable income under Section 80 G of the Income Tax Act,1961

Public Notice For New Hatchery Establishments

Compendium of Act,Rules,Guidelines,Regulations and Other Notifications(Updated upto March 2014). 

Special permission to hold the imported brood stock and breeding of SPF L vannamei by consortium of hatcheries. 


Public Notice For Shrimp Farmers And Hatchery Operators 27th November 2013


Public Notice For Farmers And Hatchery Operators

Details Of SPF L.vannamei consignments quarantined at AQF up to 23-07-2013

Advisory For Importers of Shrimp Brood stock and crustacean products from South East Asian countries

Public Notice For Farmers And Hatchery Operators

Guidelines for seed production and culture of specific Pathogen Free(SPF)Penaeus monodon

Expression Of Interest For Supply Of SPF Brood Stock Of P monodon

Public Notice For Renewal Of Registration Certificates

Results Framework Document for CAA 

Notification No. S.O.2213(E) dated 31.8.2009 regarding reduction in Quarantine period to five days. 

Requirement for Quarantine Clearance for SPF L.vannamei issued by the Animal Quarantine & Certification Services 

Application form for reservation of space in Aquatic Quarantine Facility for Litopenaeus vannamei 

Notification on amendment to the Coastal Aquaculture Authority Rules, 2005

"Notification on Guidelines for operation of aquatic quarantine facilities for the import of L.vannamei notified under the Live stock importation act,1898 (as amended in 2001)"

Action taken by CAA on illegal farms and hatcheries 

Coastal Aquaculture Authority


The Coastal Aquaculture Authority Act, 2005 (24 of 2005) enacted by the Parliment of India on 23 June 2005 provides for the establishment of the Coastal Aquaculture Authority for regulating the activities connected with coastal aquaculture in coastal areas and matters connected therewith or incidental thereto. The Act mandates the Central Government to take all such measures as it deems necessary or expedient for regulation of coastal aquaculture by prescribing guidelines, to ensure that coastal aquaculture does not cause any detriment to the coastal environment and the concept of responsible coastal aquaculture contained in the guidelines shall be followed in regulating coastal aquaculture activities to protect the livelihood of various sections of people living in the coastal areas.

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One of the major tasks accomplished by the CAA was the registration of shrimp farms on the recommendations of the State and District Level Committees constituted for this purpose. It is mandatory that all persons carrying on coastal aquaculture shall register their farm with the Coastal Aquaculture Authority


SPF L VANNAMEI FARMING spf-lvannamei The farmers intend to culture SPF L. vannamei  in the country have to obtain permission from CAA as per the Guidelines issued by DAHD&F, Ministry of Agriculture for this purpose.  Farmers, who have registered their farms with CAA, can apply in the prescribed format along with the prescribed processing fee.


SPF L VANNAMEI HATCHERIES hatcheries Shrimp hatcheries intended to produce L. vannamei seed are required to get registered with CAA and obtain approval of CAA by applying in the prescribed format for import of broodstock of SPF L. vannamei from the approved suppliers by paying the prescribed processing fee.  Guidelines for regulating hatcheries and farms ...


AQUATIC QUARANTINE aqua-quarantine An Aquatic Quarantine Facility (AQF) is established at Neelankarai, Chennai for quarantining the imported SPF L. vannamei broodstock  vide order No.35029/13/2008 Fy.(T&E) dated 2.6.2009  issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries (DAHD&F). It is the first national and unique quarantine ...